THE CRÜXSHADOWS (Dancing Ferret Discs/Nova MD)Last wednesday, the CXS tour has started successfullywith almost 400 visitors at KUZ in Mainz. We wouldlike to say THANKS to all CXS fans which were there. Enjoy the following livedates of the Ethernaut tour.ORKUS, ZILLO & WOD Booking + Promotion present:THE CRÜXSHADOWS – „Ethernaut““ Tour 2003www.cruxshadows.com / www.wod.de:03.12.03 D-Heidelberg, Schwimmbad Musik Club (with Flatline)04.12.03 D-Augsburg, Musikkantine05.12.03 D-Dresden, Bunker Strasse E® (with Eminence Of Darkness)06.12.03 D-Essen, Zeche Carl (:early show: 21:00h)07.12.03 D-Koeln, Underground (with China Touch)08.12.03 B-Bruxelles, Magasin 4 (with De Volanges)10.12.03 D-Bremen, Tower (with Neon Dream)11.12.03 D-Bielefeld, Forum (with Fictional)12.12.03 NL-Zwolle, Club Hedon (with Chillburn)13.12.03 NL-Vlissingen, De Piek (with Erato)Tickets at: www.headlineconcerts.de (+49(0)228 40390-93)THE CRÜXSHADOWS – autograph hours/Autogrammstunden:05.12.03 D-Dresden, SATURN-Markt (Webergasse 1, 19:00-19:45h)09.12.03 D-Hagen, SATURN-Markt (Fr.-Ebert-Platz 1, 15:30-16:15h)09.12.03 D-Duisburg, Trash4Cash (Westender Str. 14, approx. 18h)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++GARDEN OF DELIGHT (Trisol/EFA-Medien)(www.garden-of-delight.com)The Gothrock busters GARDEN OF DELIGHT will be continuedtheir „“Faithful & Fallen““ tour in 2004. GARDEN OF DELIGHTwill be playing e.g. Greece & Spain. More shows in prepara-tion. Garden Of Delight““Faithful & Fallen““ Tour 2003/200428.02.04 GR-Athens, Gararin 20513.03.04 E-Barcelona, Sala Amba, tbcto be continued++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Further concert dates and news of our WOD bands:FINAL SELECTIONwww.final-selection.de / www.wod.de04.12.03 D-Jena Kassablanca (Supporting: TFS, Rotersand)05.12.03 D-Dresden, Nachtkantine (Supporting: TFS, Rotersand)07.12.03 PL-Poznan, Club Piwnica (Supporting: TFS, Rotersand)——————————-FICTIONAL (RepoRecords/Nova MD)(synthpop-sideproject Gerrit Thomas/Funker Vogt)www.wod.de / www.eraseronline.com/eolaud.php?SiteRef=fictional.html11.12.03 D-Bielefeld, Forum (with The Cruexshadows)12.12.03 D-Berlin, K17 (incl. Depeche Mode-Party)19.12.03 D-Düsseldorf, Spektakulum (with Plastic)Release: 2nd album „“Fiction““ still available. **************************************PLASTIC (Accession Records/EFA-Medien)www.plastic-music.de / www.wod.de19.12.03 D-Düsseldorf, Spektakulum (with Fictional)more dates in preparationPLASTIC releases: CDS „“Sense Of Life““ and 2nd album „“Black Colours““ are still available. ***********************************THE CASCADES (Andromeda/EFA-Medien)www.thecascades.de / www.wod.de03.07.04 D-Muelheim/Ruhr, Castle Rock 2004 (Schloß Broich)more dates in preparationThe Cascades just entered the studio to get started the re-cordings of their 3rd album which will be going to releasein April 2004). *************OSIRIS TAURUSwww.osiris-taurus.de / www.wod.de24.07.04 D-Muelheim/Ruhr, Burgfolk 2004(Schloß Broich)more dates in preparation***********HUMAN DECAY (Accession Records/EFA-Medien)www.humandecay.de07.02.04 D-Heidelberg, Schwimmbad Musik Club**************SCHNEEWITTCHEN (Konstantin Records/SPV)www.schneewittchenmusik.de / www.wod.de06.12.03 D-Hannover, Bürgerschule25.03.04 D-Augsburg, Musikkantine, tbc26.03.04 tba27.03.04 A-Wien, Arenamore dates in preparation*****************************************WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW (Trisol/EFA-Medien)www.noizeart.com / www.wod.de After their tour in September together with Garden Of Delight,Whispers has started to write songs for the next album whichis roughly pre-announced for summer 2004. Some festivalshows are also planned for summer 2004. *************************************************IN MITRA MEDUSA INRI (Apollyon Records/EFA-Medien)www.inmitramedusainri.com / www.wod.de The recently released album „“Darkness Between Us““ gotgood reviews by the press. Recommendable for all fansof The Cure, Clan Of Xymox, Diary Of Dreams and JoyDivision. Finest guitar wave, greatly enriched by electronic elements. ******************Live-Preview 2004:- ELIS, EISHEILIG + SAMSAS TRAUM (February 2004)- PERFIDIOUS WORDS + FICTIONAL (Spring 2004)- THE CASCADES + guests, tbc (April 2004)“

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LACRIMOSA auf dem M´era Luna 2004

Liebe M´era Luna Freunde,für viele wird das ein wahres Weihnachtsgeschenk sein:LACRIMOSA geben beim M´era Luna 2004 ihr einziges Konzert im kommenden Jahr!LACRIMOSA schafften es immer, die gefühlsbetonten Klänge mit der wuchtigen Härte des Metal und Hard Rocks zu verbinden, ohne jedoch die offensichtliche Liebe zur Klassik jemals zu verleugnen. Inzwischen […]