The winter tour of NAPALM RECORDS


> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++>> The winter tour of NAPALM RECORDS starts in Berlin> on Friday, 20th February. EISHEILIG will be playing> songs from their 2. album „Die Gärten des Herrn““.> ELIS performs their debut album „“God’s Silence, Devil’s> Temptation““. NAPALM RECORDS & WOD have been invited THE> VISION BLEAK as special guests. THE VISION BLEAK presents> their brand new album „“The Deathship Has A New Captain““> live. „“Must shows““ for all fans of Gothic Metal & Rock.>>> +++ ORKUS, METAL HEART & LEGACY present +++> Napalm Records Winter Tour: ELIS, EISHEILIG plus> special guests THE VISION BLEAK (Ex-„“Empyrium““)> / / /> / /> 20.02.2004 D-Berlin, K17> 21.02.2004 D-Merseburg, Reaktor (not Torgau!!!)> 22.02.2004 D-Celle, CD-Kaserne (Halle 16)> 23.02.2004 D-Hamburg, Prinzenbar (19h early show)> 24.02.2004 D-Bochum, Zwischenfall (20h early show)> 25.02.2004 D-Stuttgart, Club Zollamt> 26.02.2004 CH-Winterthur, Endstation> 27.02.2004 D-Bad Salzungen, Kallewerk> 28.02.2004 B-Gent, Twieoo>> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++>> GARDEN OF DELIGHT (Trisol/EFA-Medien)> (> Our Gothrock busters GARDEN OF DELIGHT will be continued> their „“Faithful & Fallen““ tour in 2004. GARDEN OF DELIGHT> will be playing e.g. Greece & Spain. More shows in prepara-> tion.>> „“Faithful & Fallen““ Tour 2003/2004> 28.02.2004 GR-Athens, Gararin 205 (Festival with Clan Of Xymox)> 13.03.2004 E-Barcelona, Sala Ambar> 30.03.2004 D-Görlitz, Nostromo> 03.09.2004 D-Krefeld, Kulturfabrik, tbc> to be continued>> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++>> Escape With Romeo release their new album „“Psalms Of Survival““> in March 2004. First online orders can be made from late Feb.> through the band’s website>> ESCAPE WITH ROMEO (Zeit.Klang Records/Nova Media Distribution)> „“Psalms Of Survival““ Tour 2004> /> 10.04.2004 UK-Leeds, Festival> 15.04.2004 D-Essen, Grend> 16.04.2004 D-Siegen, VEB Siegen> 17.04.2004 D-Schüttdorf, Komplex> 18.04.2004 D-Leverkusen, Shadow> 22.04.2004 D-Berlin, K17> 23.04.2004 D-tba> 24.04.2004 D-tba> 06.05.2004 D-Mainz, KUZ (Dark Awakening Festival), tbc> 07.05.2004 D-Dresden, Titty Twister>> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++>> Further concert dates and news of our WOD bands:>> FINAL SELECTION (Black Flames Records)> /> 28.02.2004 D-Berlin, K17 (Supporting: TFS, Rotersand)> 15.05.2004 D-Lübeck, Burgtor>> New CDS „“Heading for Graceland““ out now> ***************************************> NUUK> / (promoted by WOD)> 31.03.2004 CH-Zürich, Xtra Limmathaus, Release Party „“Cold Kissed Eyes““> 16.04.2004 CH-Mels, Altes Kino> 01.05.2004 CH-Winterthur, Club Endstation> 19.06.2004 CH-Scharans, Open Air>> New album „“Cold Kissed Eyes““ from early April 2004 available.> **********************************> E-CRAFT> /> 11.04.2004 D-Braunschweig, Jolly Joker (Dark Generations-Festival)> Information: or> ***************> PINK TURNS BLUE> /> 15.05.2004 D-Bochum, Zwischenfall (promoted by WOD)> Information:>> „“Best Of““ album out from May 2004> **************************************> FICTIONAL (RepoRecords/Nova MD)> (synthpop-sideproject Gerrit Thomas/Funker Vogt)> /> 03.07.2004 D-Heidelberg, Schwimmbad (incl. Depeche Mode-Party)>> Release: 2nd album „“Fiction““ still available.> **************************************> PLASTIC (Accession Records/EFA-Medien)> /> 28.08.2004 UK-Bradford, Infest 2004> more dates in preparation>> PLASTIC releases: CDS „“Sense Of Life““ and 2nd album> „“Black Colours““ are still available.> ***********************************> THE CASCADES (Andromeda/EFA-Medien)> /> 28. -> 31.05.2004 D-Leipzig, WGT 2004> 03.07.2004 D-Muelheim/Ruhr, Castle Rock 2004 (Schloß Broich)> more dates in preparation> *************> OSIRIS TAURUS> /> 11.03.2004 D-Hannover, Faust (mit Saltatio Mortis)> 20.05.2004 D-Berlin, K17> 21.05.2004 D-tba> 24.07.2004 D-Muelheim/Ruhr, Burgfolk 2004 (Schloß Broich)> more dates in preparation> **************> SARA NOXX> /> 17.07.2004 SE-Arvika, Arvika-Festivalen 2004> 28.08.2004 UK-Bradford, Infest 2004> *************************************> SCHNEEWITTCHEN (Konstantin Records/SPV)> /> 21.02.2004 D-Erfurt, Unicum> 28.02.2004 D-Hannover, Musikzentrum> 09.03.2004 F-Strasbourg/Schiltigheim, Salle des Fêtes> 27.03.2004 A-Wien, Arena> 07.04.2004 D-Bad Vilbel, Alte Mühle> more dates in preparation> *************************************************> IN MITRA MEDUSA INRI (Apollyon Records/EFA-Medien)> /> Last autumnfall released album „“Darkness Between Us““> got good reviews by the press. Recommendable for all> fans of The Cure, Clan Of Xymox, Diary Of Dreams and> Joy Division. Finest guitar wave, greatly enriched by> electronic elements. See „“Inri““ live on stage:>> 19.03.2004 D-Castrop-Rauxel, Spektrum (with Megadump, Rotersand)> 28. -> 31.05.2004 D-Leipzig, WGT 2004> 03.09.2004 D-Krefeld, Kulturfabrik, tbc> *****************************************> The WOD bands at Wave Gotik Meeting in Leipzig (28.-31.05.2004):>> In Mitra Medusa Inri> Lacrimas Profundere> Skeletal Family> The Cascades> The Crüxshadows> Tors Of Dartmoor> Veneno Para Las Hadas> + one more act in preparation> *****************************> Live-Preview 2004:> – ESCAPE WITH ROMEO (April, May 2004 – see dates above)> – THE CRÜXSHADOWS (Summer season 2004)> – IKON (September 2004)>> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++“

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