Claus Larsen has chosen Halloween as the perfect releasedate for the mini-album "Faetish" powered by the track "Be My Fetish" which is definitely bound to become an instant hit rapidly dethroning LEAETHER STRIP’s recent massive "Suicide Bombers" and "Walking on Volcanos" hits. Included as well next to a bunch of other tracks is the unexpected upgraded 2006 version of Claus Larsen’s hit "Adrenalin Rush", a cover version of MARC ALMOND’s "Tears Run Rings" and yet a surprising homage song to FAD GADGET & co with "Frank Tovey Taught Me Things". 10 tracks in total !

The new mini-album is also available as a limited carton box edition (only 2000 copies worldwide!!) including the "Haelloween" 5-track ep holding, as you can imagine, a cover version of JOGN CARPENTER’s freaking tune for "Halloween" with additional harsh distorted vocals by Claus Larsen. Also added are special fetish goodies (condom, button, podstcards) and a booklet full of LEAETHER STRIP fans fetish moments recommended to all the voyeurs amongst us! Your must-have release for Halloween 2006 !

01. Be my fetishaudio preview
02. Manic aggression (Psychopharmacology version)audio preview
03. Punktured eyeballsaudio preview
04. We will walk with pride (Moscow 28 may 2006 version)audio preview
05. Be my fetish (homemade porn mix)audio preview
06. Tears run rings*audio preview
07. The kitchen knife (pocket knife version)audio preview
08. Frank Tovey taught me thingsaudio preview
09. Adrenalin rush 2006audio preview
10. Watch it burnaudio preview

CD2 "Hælloween" mcd (only available with the fætish mini-cd limited box edition)
01. Halloween Themeaudio preview
02. Halloween Theme (The shape version)audio preview
03. Halloween Theme (vocoder violence version)audio preview
04. The kitchen knife (12 inch cleaver version)audio preview
05. We will walk with pride (to Russia with love)audio preview

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